Cocktail Party Mathematics

Cocktail Party Mathematics Book Cover
First Ever Mathematics Book
entertaining, interesting, with humor,
(from middle school students to retirees)

can easily understand and enjoy.

–with fascinating everyday problems
and real life examples

Cocktail Party Mathematics …

Mathematics, when explained well, should be simple and elegant, and as fun as a riddle or a puzzle.

Having been in mathematics for thirty years, there’s not a single interesting math book that reaches out to the average person to open up his or her mind to the joy of math. Too many people have a fear of math, especially in the United States. Unfortunately, math has long held this stigma as something you are either naturally good at or don’t get at all.

The truth couldn’t be farther off.

If you had difficulties in math in the past, it is most likely a failure of how you were taught and who taught you. This book is written for all the students that had any difficulty with or fear of mathematics, with the hope that after reading this book, they will see mathematics in a friendlier light, and all their fears will disappear.

From middle school students to retirees, anyone can read this book in their leisure and enjoy an entertaining math book at last.

From the back cover …

Does crunching numbers bore you to tears? Do you wish you could puzzle out the facts and figures behind placing bets and playing the lottery? Calculus whiz and PhD grad Amir Pirnazar has tutored hundreds of students from the brink of failing grades to mathlete material. Now he’s here to show you little-known tricks that can make computation a breeze and possibly even line your pockets with extra cash.

A funny and fast read, Pirnazar’s bite-sized chapters and down-to-earth examples will help you to break through your mathematical brain-blocks.

In Cocktail Party Mathematics, you’ll discover:

  • How to double your money in half the time using simple math
  • Tricks to multiply huge numbers in seconds
  • How to figure if you’re earning the dollars you actually deserve
  • Ways to calculate lottery odds so you can gauge your chances
  • Surefire bets to place with your buddies and much, much more!

This book is dedicated to all the students that have had some kind of difficulty with or fear of mathematics with the hope that after reading this book, they will see mathematics in a friendlier light and all their fears will have disappeared.